Not a member

  • I don´t have the opportunity to influence my work conditions
  • I reduce the chance of collective bargaining agreement with the employer
  • I do not have access to the social fund of trade unions in the event of a crisis

I am unions member

  • I can use free legal advice and representation
  • I can actively influence employer relationships
  • I can use the unions representatives in negotiations with the employer
  • I can rely on unions funds to support me in difficult life situations
  • My paid fees will be accumulated and valued on my own savings fund
  • In the case of WFR, I will be paid at least the full amount of my membership fees
  • I will be paid a one-off allowance when I take maternity leave
  • I will be paid a small amount for a life or work anniversary

become a member

Above standard services for our members

Free legal advice, free legal representation or social assistance in difficult life situations.

Enforcement of requirements

Membership in an organized team that ensures the protection of your rights and the collective enforcement of the requirements via collective negotiations to reach standards which are common in other EU countries.

Membership in an organized team

It helps the enforcement of common goals for employees.

Financial support from trade unions

My invested membership fees will be accumulated and further valued. In case of crisis situation, I will be able to withdraw them  under clearly defined conditions.