I am unions member

  • I can use free legal advice in work related agenda with Dell s.r.o. and representation 3 months from the start of paying for regular membership
  • I can actively influence employer relationships
  • I can use the unions representatives in negotiations with the employer
  • I can rely on unions funds to support me in difficult life situations*
  • In the case of WFR, I will be paid at least the full amount of my membership fees*
  • I will be paid a one-off allowance when I take maternity leave*
  • I will be paid a small amount for a life or work anniversary*
  • paid member is getting Sphere Card. List of discounts, guide how to use it, places where to apply for a discount and other useful information could be found here: https://www.sphere.sk/ (unfortunately just in Slovak)
  • members of Technologies Unions Slovakia are getting 10% discount + other benefits for SOREA hotels network in Slovakia

become a member

* valid if certain conditions are met

Not a member

  • I don´t have the opportunity to influence my work conditions
  • I reduce the chance of collective bargaining agreement with the employer
  • I do not have access to the social fund of trade unions in the event of a crisis